Submitted by flower on Mon, 08/07/2017 - 09:57

We have heard about this place for long time, but only were there the first time on Saturday 5/7/2017 with Natalie.

It is a nice meeting place for young-middle ages: disco music but not too loud, different sitting seting. On a nice day, the sunset is gorgeous (as when we were there) !

Perhaps this place has the opposite taste with Schliessi in Lange Erlen.



Solitute Park, Basel Switzerland

Submitted by flower on Wed, 07/12/2017 - 09:11

We had passed by this park here and there, but the first impression came when Annette had a BQQ there. At that time Maurice was only 2-3 months old and I hadn't able to seat after the birth yet.

The second time was Maurice's 1st birthday, 02-07-2017. There're not enough room at our apartment for a few couples with children. I also wanted to play "Chọi cầu" which required a large field.

Susannah and Christian visit Basel

Submitted by flower on Thu, 06/29/2017 - 16:07

Susannah and Christian were visiting us from Berlin.

I picked them up at Bad Bhf at 16:00. 

After dropped off luggage at our apt., we went to the Hafen, had a swim then an appero at Landestelle restaurant.

Lukas joined us for a short moment at Landestelle, then I saw him off at SBB to pick-up the Anhanger.

He and Maurice slept in Sursee that night.

The day after Lukas joined us at Zuerich on our way to Gossau - Wasserauen.

We hiked the Saentis for two days, then returned to Sursee to overnight with Lukas' parents and to picked up Maurice.

Start time
21-06-2017 09:00

After a relatively difficult hike, we arrived the Saentis around 2:30 PM 

The first part was quite stiff but we had a wonderful view of Seealpsee. The weather was wonderful, even a bit too hot for hiking.

We stopped by a farm drinking some diary products: Molker (juice from making cheese, buttermilch, yorgurt, ziegermilch).

We petted some goat, a dog and some cute chickens.

The owner lady even lent Lukas a pair of shoes, since the soles of his Mendl hiking shoes were falling apart.

About 6 PM we arrived the Schäfler.

We had two lovely nice room looking toward the Saentis side.