Start time
20-06-2017 06:55

Susannah, Christian and me started just before 7:00 AM at Messeplatzt tram station #2.

We took the Train from SBB Basel 7:33 (richtung Chur) to Gossau, then to Wasserauen at 10:42.

Lukas dropped Maurice at his parents in Sursee the night before, and Lukas cautch up with us in Zuerich.

We had a wonderful walk to Seealpsee, when every one took a bath/swim in the cristal clear lake.

As Susannah said, "it looks like a fairy tail scenery with the mountain lake and kling-king bells from the cows/goats at the background".

Start time
15-03-2015 11:06

Lukas made a device to see sun ecclip from the corn of toillet rolls and a carton box . Peter, however, decides to make one two. We sent this picture to Lukas. He was impressed with the competition from the Basel Institute.