Day 1-2: Das Berggasthaus Schäfler at 1924 m

Start time
2 years ago
End time
2 years ago

The first part was quite stiff but we had a wonderful view of Seealpsee. The weather was wonderful, even a bit too hot for hiking.

We stopped by a farm drinking some diary products: Molker (juice from making cheese, buttermilch, yorgurt, ziegermilch).

We petted some goat, a dog and some cute chickens.

The owner lady even lent Lukas a pair of shoes, since the soles of his Mendl hiking shoes were falling apart.

About 6 PM we arrived the Schäfler.

We had two lovely nice room looking toward the Saentis side.

The food and beers are quite excellent for a hiking day.

I ordered hash brown (or we used to call it "brownie" until Susannah spotted out that it is not that brownie sweet)

Before bed, we even had a Appenzelle snop.

It's a bit too hot, some of us woke up quite earlier.

We had a wonderful view again in the morning. The cows woke up even earlier than us, already gazing.

We have a normal continental breakfast before heading back to our trail.